Equipped for All of your Packing Needs

When it comes to your packing needs, Jim’s Removals has a “You Name it, We Have it!” guarantee. This guarantee means that our large inventory of high quality packing materials will get your possessions ready to move, no matter the shape or size.

Our on demand packing materials are delivered right to your door to help you save a trip to the store, so you have less to worry about and more time to get ready for your move. Whether you need boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and more, Jim’s has packaging supplies perfect for any possession.

Pro-tip: Customers that use our moving services receive packing materials discounts that are sure to make you smile!


Bundle Packs Available for Purchase

After years in the game, we know what materials your specific move will require. Look below to see our bundle packs that we have available for purchase to simplify your next residential move:

  • One Bedroom Bundle Pack
  • Two Bedroom Bundle Pack
  • Three Bedroom Bundle Pack
  • Four Bedroom Bundle Pack

 *Ask about additional bundle packs.


Packing Services Available

Jim’s dedication to service can be taken one step further when you opt for our Packing Services. Enjoy a hands-free move and let our certified removalists do all the work with our comprehensive Packing Services. This allows your possessions to be expertly packed away before the move, reducing the risk of damage, and aiding you with large or bulky items.

Our Packing Services are perfect for Office or Home Removals, so that you can leave the entire move to our team of professionals and focus on what you need to accomplish at home or at work. Packing services are also ideal for those customers that may need assistance with heavy lifting and packaging of items.