Jim’s Porta-Box

Our final option is the most cost effective, and is perfect for storing smaller quantities of your possessions offsite. With the Porta-Box, we deliver you one of our handy storage units and leave it with you so that you can pack it yourself or if you want we can still do it for you. Once your loading is complete, simply call Jim’s Removal’s for a pick up and we can schedule a time to come grab the Porta-Box! Jim’s Porta Box has an easy as can be 3-Step Process:

  1. We deliver the Porta-Box
  2. You pack your excess storage (or we can do it for you)
  3. We pick up and deliver the Porta-Box to a secure facility!

These units are stored offsite in a secure warehouse so you can have peace of mind for your possessions. Best of all, Jim’s Porta Box are our most affordable storage option of all, and is perfect for those looking to store excess items without spending too much. Some of our common Porta-Box customers include high-rise residents, students, and home or business owners that lack storage space. This is our best option for DIY types that are looking for savings. Call us to discuss what your needs are.