Local Moves

We make it our business to put customer satisfaction first when it comes to residential moves, including those tough stairwell corners, small lifts, and pesky door frames. At Jim’s Removals, we’ve experienced every type of move imaginable in the area, giving us the skills we need when it comes to your home move. Our team is highly trained and experience in removals from family homes, flats, high rises, and more, so give us a call at 131-546 for a free quote and READ MORE about our affordable moving services.

Office Moves

Whether you need to move around your office furniture and create a new layout for a growing team, relocate to another floor in the building, or haul the entire office to a new location, Jim’s Removals will be on call to make your office move easy and efficient. Our goal is to have you walk into a workspace better suited to your needs than ever before, so call 131-546 for a free quote and READ MORE to find out about the office removals services we provide.


Unlike most moving companies, Jim’s Removals is able to provide our clients with short or long term storage solutions, to guarantee your possessions are safe and secure. We have a variety of storage options that meet your needs, ranging from Self Storage to Jim’s Porta-Box. Our customers use our storage services when downsizing to a smaller home, moving offices, or simply don’t have the storage they need at home.  To find the perfect storage option for your needs and budget READ MORE here.

Packing Services

When it comes to your packing needs, Jim’s Removals has a “You Name it, We Have it!” guarantee. This guarantee means that our large inventory of high quality packing materials will get your possessions ready to move, no matter the shape or size. READ MORE about our packing services.

Boxes & Supplies

Jim’s Removals has amassed the best collection of moving boxes and supplies in the business so that we can protect your possessions during any move. Our packaging supplies range from heavy duty quilted blankets that protect furniture surfaces, to Gecko Boxes made from durable plastic that hold up in any conditions. READ MORE to view the wide variety of supplies we provide to our valued customers