Minutes turn into hours, hours turn into days, and days turn into months. Time moves fast if one is not aware of it. It seems to run faster when the time for moving your house or office comes near.

The excitement of moving to your new house or office can turn into a ‘crippling fear’ if you are not well prepared with your moving gear.

To steer clear of this fear, you need to keep a check on your moving countdown and your ‘key items’ which need to be taken care of.

Saving your precious time, here is your Jim’s Removals Moving Countdown Plan which will aid you in preparing for your move beforehand.

6 Weeks To Go

● Arrange a quote from a well-reputed removalist. Make sure their service is top-notch. Cheap movers does not mean world-class service at all.

● Create a list of the items you want and don’t want. Sell or donate the ones you don’t want, to friends, family, or neighbors.

● Arrange for Gas, Electricity, Water, and Internet services at your new house or office. Internet setup can take 2 months sometimes, so plan accordingly.

● Collect all your important documents like passport, insurance papers, tax papers, licenses, and other legal documents before house moving.

● Do find a school or daycare for your children before moving house.

● Give notice to your current landlord about leaving, if you are living on rent.

● Make a furniture storage plan for your new office or house. Decide what to pack first.

4 Weeks To Go

● Book your movers and packers. Confirm the moving date with them.

● Pay-off any outstanding bills to libraries, utility services, physicians, etc.

● Inform people close to you like family, friends, business associates, and clients of your address change. Notify through index cards or social media.

● Start utilizing food in your fridge and freezers. Finish the perishable food or distribute it.

● Take care of your pets and vehicles. Arrange for their travel plans.

● Check for insurance options regarding your items, see all the items your removalist guarantees to insure.

2 Weeks To Go

● Contact your removalist and finalize your items for moving.

● Empty fuel from your lawnmower, grill, and any other harmful chemical or item.

● Cancel your current house/office services such as lawn maintenance, pool maintenance, etc.

● Go and check your shed, garage, and places where you have kept any of the items you want to carry.

● Ensure that your new office/house has adequate security arrangements. Arrange for locks and alarms for the same.

1 Week To Go

● Call all your service companies such as Water, Electricity, Gas and the Internet. Remind them about to turn your services on your preferred date.

● Confirm your Pet and Vehicle’s travel arrangements with the respective company.

● Return any rented Books, Gadgets, DVD’s (if you are an old schooler) to their owners.

● Collect your items that you have loaned out of given for repair. For example, dry cleaned clothes, electronics, and books.

● Clean your fridge and freezer and empty it.

● Pack, and Mark all your items so that your Jim’s Removals removalist knows where each item is to be placed at your new house/office.

● Don’t forget to inform your neighbors about your moving date. Inform them in advance so that they don’t feel disturbed on the day of your move.

On Moving Day

● Ensure that there is proper parking space for your removalist’s truck.

● Conduct a final check of your house, shed, garage. This will ensure that you don’t leave anything behind.

● Turn off all the taps, heater, and power connections of your house/office.

● Give the keys to your house/office to the Real Estate Agent or the new Owner.

● Check whether the telephone connection is disconnected, gas and electricity meters are read.

● Pack key items for the day like Coffee, Tea, Milk, Eateries, Books, Toiletries which you will need on moving day.

Remember, if you are confused about your move, you can always contact Jim’s Removals at 131 456. Communicating with them saves time and your doubts.