You feel agony at the slightest thought of moving house, but it is much easier than catching a mouse.

Moving your house is as easy as eating a meal, but only if you have the proper instructions to do the deed.

To ensure that you don’t end up feeling pain, Jim’s Removals decided to list down a few simple, but brilliant instructions for your gain.

1. Plan your move
Planning is the cornerstone of making any task a success. Creating a plan before reaching your new land is a safe bet. Making a checklist, outlining items, and discarding unnecessary things helps you in making a good plan. So always take out some time beforehand and make a plan, to have a smooth move towards your new land.

2. Keep Valuables with yourself
Some of your items are worth more to you than your expensive furniture. We are talking about your jewelry, tax papers, legal documents, insurance policies, etc. You don’t want to lose them and you should not. Keeping your valuables with you eliminates the worries running within you.

3. Disconnect Electronic Items
When you venture out of your house, you always disconnect all your electronics. Remember to do this when the time to move your home beckons. Always switch off and disconnect your fridges and washing machines an hour before moving. This will take care of any mishaps not happening in moving houses.

4. Check your House
Your items are packed, loaded and you are raring to go. In your excitement to reach your new house, you forget to check that you are leaving something important behind your old door. Take a moment to reflect and check, so that you can later rest peacefully in your new house’s bed.

5. Make a Furniture Plan
A new house will require a new setting. Where your things will go is what you should know. Create a plan so your Jim’s removalists can know where your items will land, while you can sit back and take a nap.

6.Prioritize your Pets
You love your pet’s and they love you back. Like us humans, they have feelings too and they get stressed too. Relieve them from the removals stress by keeping them at your friend’s or the nearest kennel so that they can rest. This will make them love you more with zest.

7. Don’t water Pot Plants
A day before you move, watering your plants is not the ideal thing to do. Filling the plants with water will make them heavier for the removalists to shift and for you unnecessary problems will lift.

8. Talk with your Jim’s Removalist
Communication not only eliminates your relationship doubts but also your moving doubts. Talking to your removalist will help you in understanding what to expect on your move day, the ideal truck size, and the necessary space for storage.

Even if you forget these tips, you can always come back to and find them there. These are important for your time, well-being, and most importantly for the money, you are going to invest in moving.